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Questions and Answers

There's one thing there’s no doubt about - that our pizza is delicious. But for everything else, you can find answers to frequently asked questions here at Kindness.

Where can I download the app?
The application is available in Google and Apple stores. You can download it at the following link: https://wbpp.it/q/?901
Where can I find the menu?
The menu is available in PDF on the website of the activity or can be consulted directly on the dedicated app.
Can I order pizzas online?
Of course, you can order pizzas online through the application at http:///kindness.web-app.it/.
Can I pay by PayPal?
You can do so at the following paypal address: kindnessdsg@gmail.com.
Can I pay cash on delivery?
You must pay cash on delivery.
How quickly does pizza arrive?
Generally we deliver the pizza within half an hour, we recommend that you conveniently book the pizza through the app even before opening hours so as to choose the best time for you.
How much is home delivery?
Delivery of our pizzas costs 1.50€. The minimum order for home delivery is 10€.
Can I have pizza at your place?
Yes, but remember that ours is not a restaurant but an artisanal pizza laboratory. There are not many places and our service is informal and easy to handle.
Can I change pizza ingredients?
Of course you can create the pizza you want!! download our app and have fun creating the most delicious pizza.
You make pizza by the meter?
No, we don’t make pizzas by the meter - but if you buy 4 round pizzas you make a nice full meter!
In what format is pizza available?
The Kindness pizzas that you can buy in the lab - to eat now or take away - are sliced, baked or round. The pizzas you can order by take away or delivery are only in round size. Pan pizzas cannot be ordered, but you can find a wide selection on our counter for lunch or dinner on the fly.
Do you make gluten-free pizzas?
No, we don’t have gluten-free products.
Do you have vegan options?
Yes, our dough is vegan and we have several Vegan seasoning options. We take the Vegan ideology very seriously not only for its noble mission but also because nowadays for the many pathologies, allergies or intolerances we often have to do without many animal derivatives that often force us to do without a pizza!! so we decided to create a delicious and varied vegan menu to suit everyone! ,convinced vegans and vegans "obliged". Take a look at the menu.
Do you have options for lactose intolerants?
Yes, if you are lactose intolerant or prefer not to consume dairy products you can choose the rice mozzarella made by us!! and still enjoy a great pizza.
Do you have whole or kamut dough?
We have no alternative to the classic. We decided to focus all our work on a single healthy and digestible dough created with the best flours on the market by leading companies in the sector.

Questions and Answers

I went tonight to eat pizza and I promise you it’s one of the best I've eaten in all of Bergamo go there and try it because it's very good. Thank you!

GOOGLE – January 2023

This will be the umpteenth time we order takeaway pizza, but it's always top notch. Super carbonara and fluida. I also tried the genovese, vegetariana, really good. They're always friendly and helpful, but above all punctual, they have no problem letting us pay with PayPal.

GOOGLE - January 2023

Very friendly and helpful staff. There is also a choice for vegans and lactose intolerant people (you have the option of adding mozzarella made from rice)! Excellent pizza! Crispy and tasty dough.

TRIPADVISOR - August 2022

Takeaway pizzeria with a few tables in Piazza S.Spirito, what can I say about the pizzas...light and very good dough, the ingredients all high quality! Fair prices.





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